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Buddhist Lent in Thailand

08 of July 2009

Today marks the beginning of Buddhist lent in Thailand. Buddhist Lent starts on the first day of the waning moon of the 8th lunar month (July) and ends on the 15th day of the 11th lunar month (October). Also known as the rains retreat or Khao Phansa in Thai.


The day before Khao Phunsa Day is Asalha Puja Day. The day falls on the full moon of the eighth lunar month (July 7th,2009). This day is also very important in Buddhism. It was on this day that the Lord Buddha preached His sermon to followers after attaining enlightenment. The day is usually celebrated by merit making, listening to a monks sermon, and joining a candle lit procession during the night. Asalaha Bucha Day is worshipped because of three important events occurring on the day. Called the “Triple Gem” (the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha), these commemorate the first sermon given by the Buddha, called the “Dharmachakapavattama Sutta” concerning the “Four Noble Truths” presented to the Buddha’s first five disciples. The sermon set in motion the “Wheel of Dharma”, which is the meaning of “Dharmachaka”.
The Thai government established the observance of Asalaha Bucha Day in 1958. Buddhist temples throughout the Kingdom arrange ceremonies venerating the important historic events in the past. Devout Buddhists participate in the ceremonies by presenting offerings to monks, listening to sermons and performing ritual prayers.

THAILAND-RELIGION-BUDDHISTAn age period of Buddha monk have duty to save mankind to spread a religion for people every were by feet and some time must to walk pass a fields of farmer make damage for them product.People not so happy about that.After Buddha know about problem then start a practice to keep within a monastery,Buddhist pries ( monk ) must to stay in the temple betime 3 month start from the period of the waning moon,8 ( Thai calendar ) or wed july 8,this year.But if some year in Thailand calenda it have the waning moon twice time will use second waning moon 8.In 3 month monk will have meeting in a temple  ,to pray to Buddha,to apologize humblymutual then pray in 3 month monk will not go anywere els they will only stay in the temple 3 time.After finish monk will bring flower, joss-stick and candle to pay obeisance to sacred object to be respected and preceptor.

Ok Phansa Day marks the end of the Buddhist lent and falls on the full moon of the eleventh lunar month.This is a day of joyful celebration and merit-making too. For Thai families, it is also the day they welcome a son back into the home and celebrate his successful completion of a term in the temple.  On this day people will prepar some thing like flower, joss-stick, candle and an appliance something like soap, toothpaste, and another to present offerings to a Buddhist monk.Start a tradition making big candle (be light for 3 month )in the temple who ever makepiger and more niceser will be the winer.In 3 month some people promise will not play gamble, not smooking, not drink alcoholic or mind not kill animals too.

The term “Khao Pansaa” can also translate to entering the months of the rainy season when monks return to the temple for the duration of the rains, usually to the temple where they were ordained. They stay there for approximately three months. The monks are not supposed to depart the temple, or stay overnight at any other location during the months of rain.

Although the rainy season is considered to be longer than three months, lasting up to four or even more, monks are only required to remain at the temples for three months. During the last period of the rainy season they can then go elsewhere when the “Katin” ceremony is performed presenting robes to the temples.

Initially, monks were discouraged from travelling during the rainy season because of the idea that it was inappropriate to walk about during the rainy season when many small living creatures were about, which could be accidentally stepped on. This included the rice crops. Inclement weather also made it difficult to get out and about. Therefore, it was established long ago that the monks would remain in temples during the rains for three months, discussing and studying Buddhist scriptures, following Buddhist disciplines, meditating and performing ritual ceremonies.


During Khao Phunsa period monks should not venture out or spend the night in any other place except in cases of extreme emergency and, even then, their time away must not exceed seven consecutive nights. This is a time for contemplation and meditation for monk. The monk meditates more, studies more and teaches more. For Buddhist Phansa is also customarily the season for temporary ordinations. Young men enter the monk hood for spiritual training, to gain merit for for themselves and their parents, it is a feeling that a man who has been a monk cannot be considered a mature adult.

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    Comment by minnie (charita phaengsakol) — July 19, 2010 @ 4:03 pm

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