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The massive volume of water is flowing down to Bangkok and people should prepare for possible flooding, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinwatra said on Saturday morning.

In her “Yingluck government meets people” weekly radio talk show on radio stations under the supervision of the Public Relations Department nationwide this morning, Ms Yingluck told people that it would take about one month for the floodwater in Bangkok to recede.

She said and the government has implement measures to protect the capital’s important places such as the palaces, hospitals, state offices, airports and economic zones.

The government will ensure that all roads and expressways are opened for traffic and that the tapped-water production and power plants are well protected, she added.

The prime minister urged Bangkok people not to panic and prepare for possible flooding. She also called on all water related offices to join forces in fighting against the coming floodwater.

Ms Yingluck said in helping the flood victims, the government set up 1,743 evacuation centres in all flooded provinces. Altogether 113,369 flood affected people are residing at the temporary shelters now.

From Bangkokpost

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