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Bulgaria’s Ambassador to Thailand, Kamen Velichkov, will be recalled the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Vesela Cherneva, announced Thursday.

kamen_veli4kovForeign Minister, Nikolay Mladenov, had already issued an order to begin the procedure for Velichkov’s recall, which must be approved by the Council of Ministers and the President.

Cherneva failed to specify the reason for the recall, only saying it involves numerous ethical violations.

Media, however, connect Velichkov’s name with a scandal, stemming from a sexual harassment complaint against him, logged by Bulgaria’s former Consul to Thailand, Krasimira Trifonova.
The ministry’s disciplinary commission has been alerted about Velichkov’s behaviour for disciplinary breaches since last year and he has been under investigation, the report said.

Velichkov has had a long diplomatic career; he had been a foreign policy advisor to President, Zhelyu Zhelev, and Ambassador to the Netherlands.