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Thai Tea – Cha Yen

17 of November 2008

How to make Thai tea

Thai Tea – Cha Yen

Thai iced tea is very simple to make Thai Tea is a real favorite in Thailand. When you buy Thai Tea on the street, you normally get it in a small plastic bag with a straw.

There are two styles of Thai iced tea: with or without milk. Tea with milk is called cha yen. Tea without milk is called cha dum yen.

You will see small coffee/tea shops sprinkled all over Thailand. However, unlike in the US or Europe, Thai people like their iced tea on the go and take it with them in a small plastic bag with a straw sticking out. Very few people sit at the shop and drink it leisurely. In fact, many shops have no place to sit. You can find Thai Tea at Asian Supermarket: Thai tea seasoning mixed: It’s very easy to make just like you find in Thailand,

Thai tea

Cold Thai Tea – Cha Yen

1 Serving

1-2 tablespoons thai tea seasoning mixed

1 tablespoon Sweet condensed milk

1 table spoon Sugar

1 teaspoon milk

1 cup hot water

Add sugar and sweet condensed milk to a glass or cup. Put one tablespoon of Thai tea to a tea sock. Place the tea sock directly above the glass. Pour hot water into the tea sock. Set the tea sock aside. Stir until the sugar and sweet condensed milk are dissolved. Add Ice and top the tea with milk.
Good luck 🙂

Written by La (Salisa)