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Farang in Thailand

21 of June 2012

You know you’ve been in Thailand too long when:
You think it’s normal to have a beer at 9:00 a.m.

You begin to enjoy Thai TV programs.

You look four ways before crossing a one way street.

You realize that ALL your problems are caused by Thai girls or cranky ATMs.

You put salt and chilli on your fruit

A Thai cop stops you for a minor infraction and you automatically reach for your wallet.

You think that a Honda Civic is a prestigious car.

All your tee-shirts are emblazoned with the name of some bar.
You can’t remember the last time you wore a suit and tie or shoes

You think a polo shirt and jeans are formal attire.

Someone tells you that watching Thai politics is like watching two chameleons making love,
and you understand the analogy

You aren’t upset when the bar girl next to you eats beetles as a snack.

Later the same night, you actually kiss the bar girl who earlier dined on
the beetles
You haven’t had a solid stool for five years.

You wake up in the morning and realize that you have nowhere to go and all day to get there.
You think white wine goes well with Som Tam

You understand when your Thai wife says, ‘My friend you’ or ‘Same, same, but different.’

A Thai bar girl you’ve just met tells you that her mother is deathly ill and you just laugh and walk away.

You realize that your Thai wife’s loyalties belong to
1. Her parents.
2. Her brats from a previous marriage to a Thai scoundrel who deserted her
3. Any remaining blood relatives.
4. The family buffalo.
5. The family’s goldfish.
6. You.

The Thai Navy buys a new submarine and you’re not surprised when the first thing
they do is remove the mufflers and hang a garland from the rear view mirror.

You consider your mobile phone a fashion accessory.
You start wearing flip-flops everywhere.
You start driving cars with bare feet.
You no longer enjoy Songkran. Instead, you stay home with a stack of DVD’s.

You become an expert on buying and selling gold jewelry.
Dogs become animals you’d rather kick than pet.

When driving a car you’ll start using every free inch of the road.
You flash your 4 indicator lights when driving straight on at an intersection.

It’s two days before payday, so you only go to bars with balloons strung outside.
You realize that all the important words in Thai begin with the letter ‘S’. Sanuk (Fun),

Saduak (convenient), Sabai (comfortable), Suay (pretty).

You believe that buying a gold chain is an acceptable courtship ritual, or at least a form of foreplay.
You find that a calendar is more useful than a watch.

You go to a Thai Boxing match and a soccer game breaks out.

You stand in the shadow of a telephone pole while waiting for a bus.

You can’t remember the last time you had a dry fart.
You think putting ice in red wine or beer is normal.
You phone home and talk like a retard

You don’t care or know what day of the week it is.

You think 15kb’s of upload speed is quite fast.
You begin to think you actually are a ‘Hansum Man’.
You automatically without thinking swear in Thai.
You have aThai nickname.
Lao Khao just doesn’t do it for you any more. Neither does Viagra.

You own a CD compilation with Crazy Frog on it.

you don’t have a problem kissing a ladyboy on the cheek

you sit in a bar in Bangkok surrounded by naked girls and porn on the big screen
and you just want to watch the golf on the small screen in the corner
you avoid walking under fruit laden coconut palms

you avoid looking into a girls eyes longer than 3 seconds

your hotel lets you in accompanied by 2 or 3 girls

you know where to buy booze on officially shut holidays

you realize your whisky and soda is rum based

you accept 5 on a motorbike while shopping is normal

you accept builders clambering up bamboo scaffolding with no boots or helmets

you count the number of passengers embarking on a ferry

you automatically get chinese tea to accompany your coffee

pedestrian crossings mean nothing

nothing surprises you and things are not always what they seem

you realize Thai logic does not tally with Western logic

and you realize Laws are just mere suggestions, not necessarily to be obeyed

If you ever walk the streets of Bangkok, you’ll find people eating at any time of the day. Street food tempts you from every corner and when you look at the price, it instantly becomes even more accessible and desirable. It seems like they eat all the time , yet, they remain incredibly trim .

Which got me thinking: Why are Thai people are so skinny? I’m a size 0 by American standard but when I try to buy clothes in Thailand, the small is a tad too small for me.

I came up with a few theories or observations, some on solid grounds as they are backed by research but some—mere postulations of an idle mind.
It’s in the Food

1. Thai Chillies

Their food is incredibly spicy—yes—it’s their unrelentless addition of Thai chillies in almost every dish. Chili peppers are full of a chemical called capsaicin, responsible for the hit. And scientific researches show that capsaicin is a fat burner—it revs up the metabolic rate and speeds up the metabolism. So what is a few more calories? Eat and let the capsaicin take care of the indulgence.

2. Lemon Grass

This lanky grass with a fresh lemon scent has great medicinal value. Loaded with citral, a potent antioxidant that is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, this “smell good, taste even better,” herb can spice up any dish. Thai people have recognized this culinary uniqueness long ago and have added them to meat dishes, soups and condiments. And while we’re at it, Lemon grass can also lift spirits, and yes, jack up your metabolic rate.

3. Lime Juice

Ever try their Laib Gai or chicken salad with lots of mints, lime juice and Thai chillies? It’s terribly addictive and the yes, slimming, by my reckoning. It’s not just any lime, but Thai limes we’re talking. They are much smaller than American limes, more like key limes. Thai limes have a sweeter taste and are great tenderizers. They’re used to tenderize all kinds of meat and squid (can be pretty chewy otherwise).

The citric acid found in these limes is an excellent fat-buster. Its high Vitamin C content promotes strong immune system and is effective in curing many digestive problems.

4. Kaffir Leaves

A member of the citrus family, the leaves are shaped like figure 8. It is intensely aromatic and has recently become popular in spa treatment. Kaffir leaves are used in most Thai soups to bring out an intensity of flavor that’s uniquely pleasing.

Kaffir leaf is an excellent digestive aid, and it can clear the mind and detoxify the body. Most Thai houses will have Kaffir trees to ward off evil.

5. Galanga

This gnarly-looking root is a member of the ginger family. There are so many health benefits attached to this root that it has found its way to homeopathic and holistic healings.

Galanga is commonly grounded, blended or chopped to add flavor to meat dishes and curries. Amongst many health claims, galangal is used for digestive and stomach complaints, nausea, ulcers and inflammation of the stomach, rheumatism, cold, flu, fevers and bad breath.

They Eat Small Meals Frequently

So there’s some truth when health experts urge us to eat smaller meals with greater frequency. Thai people must eat 5 times a day or more. They start breakfast with a full meal,nothing like cereals and milk. I’ve seen them eat steaming bowls of noodles the first thing in the day. And before you know it, they are eating again. So you trace a food pattern: eating, snacking, eating, snacking…..throughout the day and you wonder where did all the calories go?

They Snack on Fruits.

Fruits Carts line the streets of Bangkok. If you’re hungry or hot or flustered, all you have to do is buy some nicely cut fresh fruits from these fruit carts. These cool yummy treats will bring instant relief from the sweltering heat. Plus you know the whole lecture about fruits having tons of antioxidants and how they can fill you up with no fat calories.

They Walk A Lot

Owning a car is definitely a luxury in Thailand. They use feet power to transverse distance, or run after hot non-airconditioned buses or walk to the nearest train stop to catch the subway or to the jetty to catch a ferry. They walk to schools, to shops, to the wet markets and yes, to the outdoor eating places for food.

Now, back to food.

Let’s make some authentic Thai food. Thai Green Curry has most of the above-mentioned ingredients. This flavorful rich curry is sure to titillate your taste buds and produce a steady stream of perspiration. And did many health experts say that you can bring your weight down with water loss? So forget body wrap to rid the body of water, try some spicy Thai Green Curry.

Chinese New Year (also called the Lunar New Year) occurs in the early months of our calendar year, typically January or February and this year falls on January 23rd. This is the first of 15 days of celebration and the start of the Year of the Dragon.

Year of the Dragon
In Chinese tradition, each year is dedicated to a specific animal. The Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Rat, Boar, Rabbit, Dog, Rooster, Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Ram are the twelve animals that are part of this tradition. In 2012, the Dragon is welcomed back after the 2011 year of the Rabbit. Each of these animals are thought to bestow their characteristics to the people born in their year.

While the Year of the Rabbit was characterized by calm and tranquility, the Year of the Dragon will be marked by excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity. The Rabbit imbues people with a sense of cautious optimism, but people respond to the spirit of the Dragon with energy, vitality and unbridled enthusiasm, often throwing all caution to the wind – which can be an unwise move: The Dragon is all about drama but if you take unnecessary risks, you may find yourself starring in your own personal tragedy.

The Dragon’s Personality
People born under the Dragon are passionate, brave and self-assured. At their best they are pioneering spirits; at their worst, they epitomize the old adage: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Dragons are generous with their resources, a tendency that at its most negative can reflect a foolhardy attitude towards money. But Dragons in general are blessed with good fortune. They are smart, enterprising and have a wicked sense of humor. They have a natural flair for fashion and are the people to consult if you want to catch up on the latest trends.

This Chinese New Year 2012 ushers in the Water Dragon. Water exerts a calming influence on the Dragon’s innate fire. Water Dragons are more open to other people’s opinions than other Dragons which gives them the ability to channel their personal charisma into real leadership qualities.

Famous celebrities born in under the Dragon include John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Al Pacino, Marlene Dietrich and Matt Dillon. The Dragon’s lucky color is yellow.

The Dragon and Love
Dragons are passionate. They fall in love quickly – and out of love just as quickly. Their charisma and charm is an immense draw to people of the opposite sex whose attention and admiration they crave. Though they have a tendency to treat love like a game, they can settle down when they meet the right partner, someone who’s strong enough not to be bowled over by the Dragon’s flamboyant, independent and stubborn personality.

The Dragon’s ideal partners are the Rat, the Monkey, and the Rooster: The Rat is practical, observant and resourceful, able to help the Dragon when extravagant promises have backed the Dragon into a corner. The Monkey is just as popular as the Dragon, curious, intellectual and fun-loving, one of the few personalities the Dragon doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with. The Rooster can give the Dragon a run for the money on the fashion-forward front; attractive, well-groomed, fiercely loyal and committed to honesty, the Rooster serves as the Dragon’s reality check, keeping the Dragon from making promises that he or she can’t keep.

The Dragon and Wealth
Dragon years are lucky for anyone thinking of starting a business or initiating a new project of any sort because money is easier to come by for everyone, whether it’s earned, borrowed or received as a gift. Consequently we can expect the economic downturn to ease up a bit in the coming year. Fortunes can be made but they can also be lost: Keep in mind like all good things, the Year of the Dragon will come to an end and you will be held accountable for unreasonable extravagances.

Dragons do well in professions that give them the ability to function somewhat autonomously. They make excellent sales people, publicists, political campaigners, lawyers, real estate brokers, actors and politicians.

Chinese New Year is a lively celebration in Thailand, with dragon dances, fireworks, and banquets prepared on the streets for the benefit of ancestral spirits particularly in Samphanthawong District, the largest China Town in Thailand. Well–known for its streets of goldsmiths and numerous restaurants serving tasty Chinese cuisine, Bangkok’s Chinatown “Yaowarat” is filled with people who still preserve a distinctly Chinese way of life, including both tradition and culture. That’s why the Chinese New Year celebration in this area is a major festival and is well organized every year.

In China Town and elsewhere throughout the kingdom, lion and dragon dances are performed to ward off evil spirits, martial arts demonstrations are staged at various venues, Chinese street operas are staged along major thoroughfares and finally, fireworks are lit to mark the end of the new years celebration.

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