Crab Fried Rice (Khao Pad Poo)

Of all the fried rice dishes, Crab Fried Rice is the king of fried rice that gets to meet and greet important guests. When I was a kid, crab fried rice was the dish that came at the end of the 10-20 course wedding banquet.

Crab Fried Rice is a dish that you do not want to order from small street stalls. You want to get crab fried rice at a nice restaurant because the quality of the crab determines how good crab fried rice can be.

This recipe reflects how crab fried rice is made in Thai restaurants in Thailand, no carrots, no peas, just crab!


6 cups cooked rice
2 eggs
1 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce
3 cloves chopped garlic
2-3 chopped green onion
3-5 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon ground white pepper
1 cup crab meat

I cook 3 cups of jasmine rice with 3 cups of water which yields about 7 cups of cooked rice. This recipe calls for 6 cups of cooked rice. Another cup is for emergency rescue. Canned crab meat is convenient and fast. However, if you have leftover cooked crab, that is ideal. The can that I bought has ½ cup of crab meat. You will need 2 cans. Squeeze out the water so that the fried rice will be fluffy not gummy.
Over medium to high heat, add 3 tablespoons of oil to a wok or a large pot. You’ll need room to stir the rice around. Add chopped garlic to the oil. When the garlic begins to brown, add rice. Stir and mix the rice with the oil. Add crab meat and stir again.

Make room in the middle of the wok. Add a teaspoon of oil and crack the egg into the spot. Scramble the egg to cook it. Then incorporate the egg into the rest of the fried rice. Repeat the same steps to add another egg.

Add fish sauce and ground white pepper and taste. If your fried rice is too salty, add the 1 cup of left over rice. Stir and taste again. If you are happy with the taste, turn off the heat. Add the chopped green onions. In the pictures, I added a few cilantro leaves as a garnish, but it’s not necessary and purely for decoration.
The Crab Fried Rice should be fluffy, dotted with crab chunks and green onion. It should not be oily. The crab flavor should be prominent with detectable amount of ground white pepper. Serve with sliced cucumber, a wedge of lime and chili fish sauce.


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