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Thai Waterfall Beef Salad

This beef salad recipe offers a feast of flavors and textures with every bite! This salad is based on the famous “Waterfall Beef” dish in Thailand, so called because of the splashing sound of juices falling on a hot grill. The beef is lightly grilled or oven-broiled, sliced thinly, then served with a mixture of […]

Thai Green Mango Salad

This salad will blow you away with its tastebud-awakening flavors and mix of textures. And as a bonus, it’s very healthy, plus low in calories and fat. Enjoy it as a complete meal by adding cooked shrimp, chicken, or deep-fried tofu if you are vegetarian. Any way you toss it, this healthy salad will be […]

Thai Fruit and Shrimp Salad

This dish, called , has always been a hit with my guests, despite its unusual ingredient list. While it’s on my restaurant menu, not too many are adventurous enough to try it, possibly because the idea of combining fruit and shrimp with a chilli-lime dressing isn’t so appealing. That’s a real pity because the sharp […]

Spicy Salad of Boiled Pork Sausage

This Steamed Pork Sausage had become well appreciated souvenir from this Province, Ubon Ratchatanee. This sausage is needed in many Vietnamese spring rolls, rice noodle soup and other dishes. In general, Thai people like to eat spicier than the Vietnamese people; therefore we use this pork sausage as the main ingredients of our spicy salad.¬†You […]

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