Here you can find some photo from my trip and experience in Thailand and some first impression
marked with my camera.

Also you can see the real Thai life style with all colors of the life on this amazing land.

รักเธอ ประเทศไทย

Pictures from Thailand

In Thailand have a lot of exotic places, with every one trip i discover something new from the spirit of Thai culture. From the mountains at north through central fields with rice to south Thai with exotic islands. Thailand offers a massive variety of assets at a minimal price - a full variety of incredible cuisine often served in gorgeous outdoor settings; an intense collection of sights, from glittering, elegant temples to colorful floating markets to lunatic festivals; local people who are more relaxed and charming than they should be under siege by a planeloads of impolite, drunk and groping foreigners, but they keep on smiling, as the sun keeps on shining.

Chiang May, this Northern city of Thailand is located near the infamous "Golden Triangle" and the country of Burma. Teak wood dominates the temple architecture here. Hill tribes with their traditional farming and crafts are the destination for many treks in this mountainous area. The city is surrounded by a moat and ruins of a wall.
Located in Southern Thailand, the Island of Phuket is a relaxing destination with white sand beaches and many surrounding islands with great scuba diving. James Bond, The Beach and other movies were filmed in this area.

This is a train go through bazaar in Bangkok :-)

I travel around Thailand a lot for my websites. I have been to many places. This is one of my favorite photographs.

To see some of my pictures click below:

“Chang Thai”

 Or "Thai elephant" is selected as national animal because it has maintained close link with Thai history and custom, it has a long life, and it is closely related to the livelihood of Thai people as one of transportation means both in times of peace and battles. Especially, ‘white elephant' is deeply connected to King of Thailand, and white elephant was portrayed in the former national flag.

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 Thai (80%), Chinese (10%), Malay (3%), and the rest are minorities (Mons, Khmers, hill tribes)