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Most Thai women are well educated, reserved, and shy. Thai ladies are beautiful and exotic. Because of their Asian Culture, Thai women make for some of the best wives in the world. Western men are astonished once they meet these ladies, it is not what they expected. Although Thailand has some notorious districts this is not indicative of the average Thailand woman. You will, as many others, be very pleasantly surprised on how incredible these women are.


รักเธอ ประเทศไทย

"Kunla Satri"

Is a Thai word used to call a girl who behaves well and has a pleasant manner in the Thai style. According to its definition a Kunla Satri needs to be polite in every situation.
Thais have a very strict custom that a woman must keep her virginity until the day she gets married and she must be faithful and respect her husband and will never have other man in her life while she is married. Most Thai women are still conservative, which is contrary to the image of Thai women, which many foreign visitors to Thailand may have -- the image of easy virtue. In fact, only some girls are forced to become prostitutes for economic reasons and the Thai government is earnestly trying to solve this problem.

Thai people are being influenced by westernization. Thai ladies have become more independent, and more confident in making their own decisions. Yet they still do not forget beliefs and customs embedded in their minds. Most of them know who they are and what they are expected to be and to do, so they can bring happiness to their lives and their lifetime mates, that they always give close attention to the behavior of their children.

Why Choose a Thailand Girl

Perhaps you are one of the men who have already heard about the beauty of Thailand girls but continue wondering what makes Thailand women that special. Thai ladies have been taught to be faithful, sincere, grateful, obedient, and instructed in the skills and duties to please a man, keep him content and how to furnish him a comfortable home.

  • Asian women believe in a one-man one-woman relationship
    An interesting fact is that there is no "absolute divorce" in Thailands. There is only "relative divorce" in a form of "legal separation” (husband and wife are only separated from bed and board but marriage remains in full force). Marriage in such a country where they simply do not have divorce laws is always considered a life long commitment. asians welcome their responsibilities towards keeping her husband happy and strive to never lose his attention. Luckily for her most Asian Ladies are often petite tender beautiful warm loving creatures you will never tier of giving your affection to.
  • Thailand women are naturally romantic, loving and caring.
    They are not only beautiful women but a delight to be around because of the famous Asian disposition and personality. Many asians have instilled in them since birth a sense of honor called Delikadesa. It is this sense of Delikadesa that gives them such fine admirable qualities you just won't find in ladies of the western world. You will never find a proper Asian lie, cheat, or steal – it will bring shame upon her and her family.
  • Thailand women put family first before money.
    To the Asian, family will always remain a great priority. The Asian, whom many would consider as having come from a relatively poor country, will view the close loving bonds of the Asian Family as her wealth. The Asian women are more willing to sacrifice career than a family.
  • Asians are religious. Philippines is the only Christian nation in the far east.
  • Asian girls are renowned for their beauty.
    asians stand out among Asian women in terms of charm and femininity.
  • Thailand girls are understanding, patient and supportive.
    Even loud verbal arguments or fighting would be to de-face her self and most asians would simply never engage in any such acts. This soft spoken, quiet, understanding nature of the Asian Ladies is a desired trait many of them strive towards.
  • Thailand women are excellent home keepers.
    Thailand ladies equate domestic responsibility with being a good wife (or potentially a good wife). Thailands practices "patriarchal" form of society and traditionally husbands are providers while wives are meant to stay home to keep the family in order and look after the children.
    The Asian Lady's home is a great source of pride for her. For the Asian girl to yell in her home is to de-face her home so you will never find her screaming or breaking dishes.
  • Asian girls are well educated.
    The Thailand culture places a huge emphasis on a college education. An environment of importance towards education and pride in accomplishment at school is instilled in the asian's family.

In the Thailand, it is important to meet a woman’s family because the family is so important to her. If a man wants to be taken seriously by a woman, he has to visit the latter's family and introduce himself formally to the parents of the girl. It is rather inappropriate to court a woman and formalize the relationship without informing the parents of the girl.

Thailand – The Land of Beautiful Women

Thailand is an amazing country. The Thai people are some of the nicest people in the world. They greet you with a smile every time you see them. Thai women, the women with many faces acclaimed the world over as Oriental beauties with raven exotic eyes, black silky hair, suntanned shiny skin and slender girlish-looking bodies.

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Thai Tradition

Women are supposed to make way for Buddhist monks so as to prevent an accidental physical contact.

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Asian women live in a culture focused on the community, with the family as the core social unit. Here faithfulness to the family is a tradition.