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I had maag sanuk ["a lot of fun"] on the holiday to Thailand. I was enthralled by the culture. A land of golden temples, tropical beaches and forested hills, Thailand is truly a veritable oasis in an increasingly hectic world. Secure in its devotion to the Buddhist faith and to its beloved King, it merges a centuries-old culture with way of life that preserves its identity and gracious natural hospitality.
Bangkok is one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities, known as "Krungthep" which means the City of Angels. Major tourism attractions include glittering Buddhist temples, palaces, timeless 'Venice of the East' canal and river scenes, classical dance extravaganzas, an almost legendary nightlife, and numerous air-conditioned shopping centers.
 Chiang Mai is not only a large and ancient city of northern Thailand, but also a famous tourist destination. Historical places from the Lanna era as well as natural beauty, which allows for climbing, elephant riding, trekking an bicycling await tourists.
Ayutthaya, a former capital of Thailand from 1350 to 1767, is and interesting historic spot visited by large numbers of tourists on a one-day trip from Bangkok. Unlike other tourist centers, Ayutthaya's main attraction is not its beautiful scenery, but its calm atmosphere with the remains resulting from the destruction by the invading Burmese army in 1767. The ruins offer the visitors a glimpse of old Ayutthaya, with once was a prosperous and majestic capital with over 400 magnificent Buddhist monasteries.


รักเธอ ประเทศไทย

Exotic cuisine

Food is one of the reasons many tourists flock to Thailand. Not only for its affordability, but because the Kingdom's exotic cuisine offers an unrivaled culinary experience that is internationally famous for its distinctive flavours.

Dishes from all of Thailand’s regions can be found in Bangkok, as well as fine dining at sophisticated restaurants of world-class quality. The city is one of Asia’s great shopping experiences, too, with gleaming modern malls and department stores with top international brand and specifically Thai names along with smart boutiques and busy street stalls. Soft adventure options blend with eco-tourism in mountainous jungle terrain, with trekking on foot or elephant back, 4-wheel drive safaris, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and meeting with remote highland communities. Away from the upland forests, the blue watersof Thailand’s extensive coastline beckon, offering the relaxing joys of beach life as well as diving, sailing, windsurfing, and sea canoeing, all with expert tuition provided.

Beaches & Islands in Thailand

Thailand’s islands and beaches are the destinations of choice for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. It is not called the Caribbean of Asia for nothing. Yet, until recently, Thailand's unparalleled marine playground has been quite difficult to access, enjoyed by but a handful of cruising yachts and an even smaller group of charter holidaymakers. But no more.  A surge in the development of marina facilities and in the number of yachts available for charter mean that Thailand is set to burst upon the international scene as the world's newest yachting playground. Thailand is blessed with natural beauty and its islands are amongst the most scenic and beautiful in the world. Likewise, its beaches are simply stunning - clean sand, clear water, and wonderful scenery. Each of Thailand’s islands has its own character and identity drawing specific types of visitor. Some offer limited accommodation and facilities to draw the adventurous looking for a more ‘back to basics’ holiday experience. Others offer world class facilities (accommodation, restaurants, etc.) to entice visitors with bigger budgets who need their creature comforts. It is though important to note the diversity that exists not only between the islands, but between the beaches (both on islands and on the mainland). Whereas one beach might offer beaches that provide raucous entertainment, others in the same area might only draw those looking for a quiet life. There is then a lot to explore on Thailand’s islands and beaches and to get the best out of your trip you should plan where you are going carefully.
Safe tropical climate. Although in the tropics, Thailand has no typhoons. It is not in a hazardous weather zone. Even the seasonal monsoons are gentle. Temperatures range from 25' - 35'C for most of the year, and the sea rarely varies from a balmy 28'C. This means comfortable, exotic cruising all year round. 

A thousand places to see
The world-famous ‘Pearl of the Andaman' – Phuket – to the mysterious limestone karsts, mangrove swamps, creeks, islets and perfect beaches of Phang-nga Bay, Krabi, Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta. The almost unknown and unspoiled islands off Thailand's west coast, heading towards the Myanmar border, to the extraordinary Similan Islands northwest of Phuket and south to the Malaysian border.
From the favourite holiday islands Ko Samui and Ko Pha-ngan in the Western Gulf of Thailand across to the mountainous and heavily forested Ko Chang and Kut Archipelagos in the Eastern Gulf.

The sheer number of destinations awaiting you within Thailand's borders is outdone only by the unbelievable variety. From world-class marina to tiny fishing village, from big city Pattaya to deserted beaches and uninhabited islands, this is the marine wonderland of Thailand. This is Asia's boating playground. This is the ‘Caribbean' of the East.

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Thailand . . . an exotic land, of magnificent temples and ancient ruins, rich in culture, abundant natural beauty and warm, charming people.

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Thai secret

The Thai secret of relaxation is a secret that can be shared by learning and practicing meditation in Buddhist retreats or training centres. The revitalising Thai massage is an ancient tradition that is another part of the secret visitors like to share, while at the many luxury spas, they can experience the most modern, sensual techniques at the firm but caressing hands of a trained therapist.